• The company building of TTB Engineering SA in Switzerland



High Precision Tool Grinding Machines

High end tool grinding machine manufacturer

In the mid 80's, Guido Bertoglio founded the STREAM company because he could not find a CNC grinding machine on the market that could produce high precision tools with a constant quality. The first machine he designed worked perfectly and other machines were built, initially for the company ALBE’s own needs. But soon it developed into a small company that quickly became known among tool manufacturers for its extreme precision.

TTB ENGINEERING SA was founded in 1995 as a successor company. Since then, we have been located in Riva San Vitale, 15 minutes by car south of Lugano in the Swiss Ticino.

Since 2006, TTB Engineering has been part of the German SAACKE Group, which provided a further synergy effect in development and worldwide sales.

Incredible stability for many hours

Of course, the machines became more modern and efficient over time, but the original ingenious concept by Guido Bertoglio with the extraordinary precision, the ingenious temperature compensation of the mechanics and the unique drive system of the individual axes means that every TTB tool grinding machine for 10 -12 hours working within 0.003mm deviation.

Company history

1983 – Foundation Stream SA
1986 – Construction of the TGM 102 model
1995 – Foundation of TTB Engineering SA
1999 – Delivery of the 1st machine TGC with Fanuc control system
2003 – Delivery of the 1st machine TGC with Num control system
2007 – TTB Engineering SA becomes a member of Saacke Group - Pforzheim, Germany
2010 – Delivery of the 1st TTB Evolution
2015 – Presentation of new design TTB Evolution
2017 – Presentation of the model TTB Eclipse with 6-axis robot loader and E-Loader
2021 – Presentation of the model TTB Next at EMO MILANO