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New CEO at TTB Engineering SA
Dear Customers and Partners of TTB Engineering SA. We would like to inform you that our CEO, Mr. Gerd Hotz, has now retired. Mr. Hotz was a valued leader of our company and contributed significantly to our success. TTB Engineering SA is grateful to him for the leadership and dedication with which […]
Process optimisation for long-run tool grinding!
The Magic World of Metalworking. At the EMO 2021, TTB is presenting the latest tool grinding machine, the result of more than 30 years of experience in the grinding sector.
Tool Grinding
Optimized technology, modern materials and constantly new further developments of the basic principle are today the absolute unique selling point of consistency and accuracy of the TTB.
Stability and Precision for many hours
Grinding with TTB machines means constant precision over many hours.
Swiss precision - Article in the Italian magazine for Transmission Equipment
An article in the Italian magazine for Transmission Equipment (Organi di Trasmissione - Edition 07-2020) tells about the Precision and Flexibility of the Model TTB Evolution. Free short summary of the article
The Software TTB SCG for shaper cutters and power skiving
Tools for internal gears (Shaper Cutters and Power Skiving) can be easily programmed with the TTB Software SCG.
Tools smaller module 0,1 for internal and external gears with the model EVO HS
Modern gear boxes are getting smaller and smaller (harmonic drives, robots, drones, medical equipment, watches, ....). With the EvoHS model, TTB Engineering enters in new dimensions for the production of gear cutting tools.
New tailstock to grind high-precision gear cutting tools
The newly developed tailstock, which is mainly required to grind hobs, shaper cutters, power skiving, reamers, endmills, threading tools, etc., can be removed very quickly and easily.
HP (High Power) transmission
In the new generation of the TTB Evolution, the drive system has been significantly improved. In addition to a newer generation grinding motor, the transmission of power has been significantly increased.
IC-Detect: Optical detection of the coolant channel holes
The technology of using coolant channels into micro tools is constantly improving. Today, coolant channels with a bore diameter ∅ 0.07mm are no longer a rarity.