• CNC tool grinding machine model Eclipse

Grinding machine TTB Eclipse

Innovative automation in a compact design

ECLIPSE grinding performance and accuracy with 2 grinding spindles

  • 2 grinding spindles for optimum grinding efficiency
  • Grinding spindle 1 is for roughing operations; with automatic grinding wheel package exchange
  • Grinding spindle 2 is for finishing operations; with a fixed grinding wheel package
  • Compact design with 4-station grinding wheel package changer
  • Quick replacement of the wheel packs and comfortable access to the tool stations
  • Production units extremely easy to install
  • Cost-effective tool loader E-Loader for extreme flexibility
  • Robot-loader with high loading capacity integrated in the machine cabinet

Tool data

  • Min. tool diameter for manufacturing Ø 0.2 mm
  • Max. tool diameter for manufacturing Ø 12.7 mm
  • Max. grinding length 200 mm
  • Max. tool diameter for sharpening Ø 30 mm

Technical details and features

  • Grinding unit with double spindle:
    bottom: roughing spindle 2,000-12,000 rpm / 9.0 Kw
    top: finishing spindle 2,000-12,000 rpm / 4.5 kW
  • Backlash-free linear axes X-Z through hydraulic compensation
  • Rotary axis B optionally with worm drive or an optional direct drive
  • Proven kinematics with reliable components
  • Robot-loader with three pallets, capacity up to 1,628 workpieces depending on diameter
  • NUM control with NUMROTOplus® software
  • Extensive range of accessories and special units for flexible expansion options

Technical data - TTB Eclipse

Application technologyGrinding from solid material Ø 0,2 - 12,7 mm
ResharpeningØ 30 mm max.
Grinding length200 mm
Longitudinal X-axisTravel Length530 mm
Feedrate Range0 - 15 m/min
Cross Slide Z-axisTravel Length320 mm
Feedrate Range0 - 15 m/min
Vertical Y-axisTravel Length400 mm
Feedrate Range0 - 15 m/min
Double Spindle Grinding Wheel Head B-axisSwivel Angle of the Grinding Wheel Head240 °
Max. Grinding wheel diameter100 mm
Spindle speed rangeup to 20,000 rpm
Roughing Grinding Spindle 1 Taper, Automatic ClampingHSK - E50
Finishing Grinding Spindle 2 Taper, Manual ClampingHSK - C50
Roughing Grinding Spindle 1 Power (S6)9,0 kW
Finishing Grinding Spindle 2 Power (S6)4,5 kW
Number of Grinding Wheel PackagesWheel Packages for Spindle 1 in Automatic Wheel Changer4 (optional)
Wheel Packages for Spindle 2 (Manual Clamping)1
Workhead A-axisClamping systemsW25, W20, B15
Hydraulic Collet
Clamping diameter range1 - 25,4 mm
Max. Rotary Speed for Cylindrical Grinding0 - 1,500 rpm
CNC controlNUM
Programming system softwareNUMROTOplus®
Dimensions of machineL x W x H200 x 215 x 210 cm
Weightca. 3.800 kg
Technical changes and fallacies reserved.
Text and illustrations contain optional accessories.

2 Grinding Spindles

2 Grinding spindles for increased precision

In addition to the extreme small footprint and 4-station wheel changer, the Eclipse Grinding Center features a 2nd grinding spindle for finishing the final tool-geometry. Since the spindle 2 wheel package is not being changed during the grinding cycle, there will not be any random inaccuracies. The grinding spindle 1 has an automatic (or manual) wheel changer and is primarily dedicated for roughing operations.

The workpiece spindle can be used both as a positioning axis and as a rotary axis (cylindrical grinding, dressing). The rotary axis B is optionally equipped with worm drive or direct drive. The X-Z axes are backlash-free as a result of hydraulic compensation.
Tool grinding machine Eclipse with 2 grinding spindles

Easy Setup

Flexible Software, fast changeover of the wheel packages, open access to the tool loader and a highly reliable collet clamping system, resulting in a machine that is an extremely setup-friendly production unit.

Setup of the machine

Particular attention has been paid to the accessibility of the machine. The well-tested components allow fast changeover of tool production. The ergonomic designed operator‘s panel is height-adjustable.

The Robot and 3 loading pallets are located within the machine footprint, keeping its floor space at a minimum. The double grippers (for blanks and finished tools) can clamp diameters 1 to 16mm without involving the interaction of an operator.

The workpiece probe is part of the basic machine. The grinding wheels can be rectified and automatically measured in the machine (option).
Extremely setup-friendly tool grinding machine Eclipse

Innovative Automation

For productivity and flexibility

Fully automatic grinding on a small footprint thanks to the smart integration of the 6-axes Robot within the machine cabinet.

High-capacity loader: The robot enables fast and flexible loading. In the diameter range from 1 to 2 mm, up to 1,628 blanks can be loaded with three pallets. From 1 to 6 mm, up to 750 blanks. The double gripper for blank and finished part clamps diameters from 1 to 16 mm without any changeover. The separation to the grinding area closes synchronously with the robot.
Automation of the Eclipse tool grinding machine

Individual solutions

Steady Rest 
The fully automatic steady rest is used for grinding operations from 10 -15 x Ø. Assembly and set-up is done by a few simple operations. The steady rest is placed onto the cross table. The V-block bushings or half-round support bushings can be aligned to the taper angle of the tools.

Shaft guide
The V-block unit is used to optimize concentricity. Diameter range 1-6mm.

Wheel Package Changer
The wheel package changer holds up to 4 wheel packages and one blind arbor. The wheel packages are programmed in the NUMROTOplus® grinding program and automatically exchanged onto Spindle 1. A blind plug adapter protects the spindle taper from contamination when not in operation. A protective enclosure keeps all grinding wheel packages protected from oil and unwanted contamination.

Machine Control
The model Eclipse, like all TTB machines, is equipped with the NUM® control system. This enables optimal adaptation to a wide variety of production strategies and the best utilization of customer-specific programming and operating know-how.

Numrotoplus® programming system
NUMROTOplus® has optimal and efficient programming and support functions and includes powerful 3D simulation and precise collision monitoring. Company-specific technology databases can also be created. This enables optimal adaptation to a wide range of production strategies and the best utilization of customer-specific programming and operating know-how. Software updates are available free of charge for the entire service life of the machines.
Steady rest and other individual solutions for the tool grinding machine

Additional options

TTB supplies peripherals, accessories and special units upon request:

  • Chillers
  • Coolant filter and supply pump units
  • Oil mist filtration systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Assembly units for specific applications
Extensions for the tool grinding machine

Application examples

The following tools can be ground or resharpened on the ECLIPSE model:

  • End Mill Cutters
  • Drills
  • Reamers
  • Form Cutters
  • Center Drills
  • Form Reamers
  • Copy Cutters
  • Form Drills
  • Diskmills
  • Sinker
  • Radius End Mills
  • Deep hole drills
  • Punch
  • Cutting blades

The CNC grinding machine TTB ECLIPSE is used in the following areas:

  • Automotive industry
  • Medical and dental industry
  • Aerospace
  • Precision mechanics
  • Watch industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Molds
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical and textile industry
Industries and areas of application for the Eclipse tool grinding machine