CNC tool grinding machine Evolution



TTB-Highest precision quality without compromise

  • Tools in the diameter range from Ø 0.02 to 12 mm in optimum quality
  • Consistent accuracy even after many years, thanks to TTB own developed axes drive mechanical system
  • Spindle revolver with 4 grinding spindles repeat positioning precision < 0,3µm
  • Short changeover times because of the use of modular components
  • High mechanical reliability and extremely low downtime
  • Optimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) thanks to reduced price of the machine and low maintenance costs.

Tool data

  • Min. tool diameter Ø 0.02 mm
  • Max tool diameter Ø 12 mm
  • Max grind length 150 mm
  • Resharpening Ø 3 - 25 mm

Technical features

  • Spindle change: less than 0.3µm axial and radial in 3 seconds
  • Each spindle can be equipped with up to 3 grinding wheels
  • Backlash-free linear axes with unique TTB axis drive system
  • High precision drive spindles, hydrodynamic lubrication and hydraulic backlash compensation (preload)
  • Rotary axis V: Backlash-free with hydraulic compensation (preload)
  • All axes X-Y-Z-V-U with direct high-resolution measuring systems - glass scales and direct encoders (+/- 0.01µm or +/- 2")
  • Multi-pallet loader from 2 to 4 pallets for high capacity
  • Pallets for diameters from 1 to 16mm and up to 814 workpieces
  • NUM control with NUMROTOplus® software
  • Extensive range of accessories and special units for flexible expansion options

Technical data - TTB Evolution

ApplicationTool Diameter Range while Grinding from Solid MaterialØ 0,02 - 12 mm
Tool Diameter Range while RegrindingØ 3 - 25 mm
Max. Flute Grinding Lengthmax. 150 mm
Linear axesX-axis Longitudinal Travel Length290 mm
Y-axis Cross Slide Travel250 mm
Z-axis Vertical Travel Length150 mm
Swiveling axisV-axis Swiveling Range of Tool Workhead230 °
Rotary axesU-axis Rotation Range of Toolinfinite
U-axis Rotary Speed while Cylindrical Grinding0 - 1.500 1/min
Feed ratesX-Y-Z Linear Axes3 m/min
V-axis Swiveling Speed of Tool Spindle10.000 °/min
U-axis Rotary Speed while in Positioning Mode36.000 °/min
Minimum Positioning IncrementX-Y-Z Linear Axes0,0001 mm
U-V Rotary Axes0,0001 °
Accuracy of the measuring systemsX-Y-Z-axes Linear0,01 µm
Swivel axes (V-axis)+/- 2''
Rotation axis (U-axis)+/- 20''
Turret and wheel grinding spindlesNumber of Grinding Wheel Spindles (HSK C32)4
Power of the Grinding Motor (S1)10,0 kW
Spindles speed rangebis 12.000 1/min
Number of Possible Grinding Wheels per Spindle1 - 3
Spindle-to-Spindle (Turret) Indexing Time3 sec.
High frequency spindles, optional60.000 1/min
Tool clampingClamping systemsW25, W20, B15 /
Hydraulic collet
Tool Shank Clamping Diameter Range1 - 25.4 mm
Tool Overall Clamping Lengthup to 250 mm
Optional Clamping Systemsupon request
CNC ControlNUM
NUM SoftwareNUMROTOplus®
Dimensions of MachineL x W x H290 x 180 x 225 cm
Weightca. 3.300 kg

TTB reserves the right to make changes and/or additions to the information provided, such as technical specifications, design changes without prior notice.