CNC tool grinding machine model NEXT



Continuity in the kinematics - Refined and optimized in the details.

The NEXT model is the latest result of more than 30 years of experience in the grinding field for boring, milling and gear cutting tools. A high precision tool grinding machine with 5 or 6 axes and 4 or 5 spindles.

Speed, accuracy, repeatability, compactness, and reliability are the main attributes of the NEXT model.

Due to exceptionally short setup time, this machine is suitable to produce small batches. But even with large quantities or long cycle time, a constant high quality in the µm range is guaranteed.

Tool data

  • Min. tool diameter Ø 0.02 mm
  • Max. Tool diameter Ø 14 mm
  • Max. grind length 150 mm
  • Resharpening Ø 3 - 25 mm

Tools with a diameter of 0.02 to 14 mm can be produced with the machine in perfect quality. Resharpening of tools up to Ø 25 mm is possible without any challenges.

Technical features

  • Number of grinding wheels per grinding spindle 1 - 3
  • 6th axis (W-axis) for the tilting of the grinding wheels
  • The turret can be supplied with either 4 or 5 spindle positions
  • Positioning time of the turret head 2 sec.
  • High frequency spindles 60/100/150,000 RPM are optionally available
  • Longitudinal travel (X axis) 290 mm
  • Cross travel (Y-axis) 250 mm
  • Vertical travel (Z axis) 155 mm
  • CNC control by NUM
  • iC-Detect camera unit for the orientation of the internal coolant holes.



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Technical data - TTB NEXT

Linear axesLongitudinal travel (X axis) 290 mm
Cross travel (Y axis) 250 mm
Vertical travel (Z axis)155 mm
Swivel axesSwivel range of the workpiece spindle (V axis)270 °
Swivel range of the turret (W axis) Option+/-15°
Rotary axesRotational Range of Workhead (U axis)infinite
Rotary Speed (U Axis) for cylindrical grinding0 - 1,500 RPM
Feed ratesLinear axes (X, Y, Z axes) 6 m/min
Swivel of Tool Spindle (V axis)36,000 °/min
Rotary speed of U axis as a positioning axis72,000 °/min
Minimum Positioning IncrementLinear axes (X, Y, Z axes) 0,0001 mm
Rotary Axes (U, V)0,0001°
Measuring systemsResolution Linear Axes (X, Y, Z axes)0,01 µ
Accuracy Swivel Axis (V axis)+/- 2"
Accuracy Rotary Axis (U axis)+/- 20"
Turret and wheel grinding spindlesNumber of grinding wheel spindles (HSK C32) 4 (optional 5)
Nominal power grinding motor (Pn-S1)10.0 kW (13.4 HP)
Programmable Speed of Grinding Spindlesup to 12,000 RPM
Number of possible wheels per spindle 1 – 3
Positioning time of turret 2 sec.
High frequency spindles 60/100/150,000 RPM
Tool clampingClamping systems W25, W20, B15 Hydraulic Collet
Clamping diameter range1 – 25,4 mm
Clamping length up to 250 mm
Optional clamping systems upon request
Application technologyGrinding from solid materialØ 0,02 – 14 mm
Resharpening Ø 3 – 25 mm
Grinding length max. 150 mm
CNC control Dimensions of Machine200 x 200 x 218 cm
Weight approx. 3,500 kg
Brochure download
Brochure download