• CNC tool grinding machine model NEXT

Grinding machine TTB NEXT

Compact high-precision tool grinding machine

Kinematic continuity – specified and improved in the details


After 30 years of experience in the grinding industry, the NEXT model ist the latest result of our grinding know-how. Highest precision in a tool grinding machine with 5 to 6 axes and 4 to 5 spindles, designed by our milling, boring and gear cutting experts.


The NEXT combines properties like precision, speed, compactness, accuracy and repeatability in one single CNC grinding machine.


Thanks to its remarkably quick setup times, this machine is well suited for smaller batches. Still, larger numbers and long cycle times guarantee for an astonishing precision. And the quality and continuity in the µm range is ensured aswell.


Tool data

  • Min. diameter of the tool Ø 0.02 mm
  • Max. diameter of the tool Ø 14 mm
  • Max. grind length 150 mm
  • Resharpening Ø 3 - 25 mm

The NEXT is capable of producing tools between diameters of 0.02 to 14 mm with total precision and in perfect quality. It is possible to resharpen tools of up to Ø 30 mm without any issues.


Technical details and features

  • 1-3 grinding wheels per grinding spindle
  • 6th axis (W-axis) for the tilting of the grinding wheels
  • The turret can be supplied with either 4 or 5 spindle positions
  • Turret head positions within 2 seconds
  • High frequency spindles with 60/100/150,000 RPM are optionally available
  • (X-axis) Longitudinal travel 290 mm
  • (Y-axis) Cross travel 250 mm
  • (Z-axis) Vertical travel 155 mm
  • NUM supported CNC control
  • iC-Detect camera unit for the orientation of the internal coolant holes

Technical data - TTB NEXT

Linear axesLongitudinal travel (X axis) 290 mm
Cross travel (Y axis) 250 mm
Vertical travel (Z axis)155 mm
Swivel axesSwivel range of the workpiece spindle (V axis)270 °
Swivel range of the turret (W axis) Option+/-15°
Rotary axesRotational Range of Workhead (U axis)infinite
Rotary Speed (U Axis) for cylindrical grinding0 - 1,500 RPM
Feed ratesLinear Axes (X, Y, Z axes) 6 m/min
Swivel of Tool Spindle (V axis) 36,000 °/min
Rotary speed of U axis as a positioning axis72,000 °/min
Minimum Positioning IncrementLinear Axes (X, Y, Z axes) 0,0001 mm
Rotary Axes (U, V) 0,0001°
Measuring systemsResolution Linear Axes (X, Y, Z axes) 0,01 µ
Accuracy Swivel Axis (V axis) +/- 2"
Accuracy Rotary Axis (U axis) +/- 20"
Turret and wheel grinding spindlesNumber of grinding wheel spindles (HSK C32) 4 (optional 5)
Nominal power grinding motor (Pn-S1) 10.0 kW (13.4 HP)
Programmable speed of grinding spindles up to 12,000 RPM
Number of possible wheels per spindle 1 – 3
Positioning time of turret 2 sec.
High frequency spindles 60/100/150,000 RPM
Tool clampingClamping systems W25, W20, B15
Hydraulic Collet
Clamping diameter range 1 – 25,4 mm
Clamping length up to 250 mm
Optional clamping systems upon request
Application technologyGrinding from solid material Ø 0,02 – 14 mm
Resharpening Ø 3 – 25 mm
Grinding length max. 150 mm
CNC control NUM
Dimensions of machineL x W x H200 x 200 x 218 cm
Weightca. 3,950 kg
Technical changes and fallacies reserved.
Text and illustrations contain optional accessories.


Thanks to the new arrangement of the loading unit, the machines footprint is now 4m² (43 ft2) only.


The NEXT consists of two seperate axis groups, grinding unit and workpiece carrier installed on a very rigid cast iron plate. To protect the working area of vibrations, this plate is installed to the machine bed with custom build vibration bumpers.


On the grinding table the Y axis allows the grinding wheels to move. The movement of the workpieces is controlled via the U, V, X and Z axes on the tool carrier. The U axis workpiece spindle can be used as either positioning axis and/or as a cylindrical grinding axis.


This kinematics allows the wheels to grind above or below the tool. The machine assemblies are supplied with tempered oil in order to reduce the heat transfer.


The heart of the machine is the 4 (or 5) spindle grinding wheel turret. Each of the spindles can be mounted with up to 3 wheels. These features give the NEXT the following advantages:

  • All required grinding wheels are always and instantly ready for use in the machine
  • Only 2 seconds for the spindle changeover to take place
  • Only up to < 0.3µm maximum deviation during the wheel change
  • Absolute accuracy in positioning and repeatability

The tools can be ground in one clamping and with the highest degree of precision. Additionally, the linear axes have a “one of a kind” motion-driving system; a combination of hydrodynamic technology and a calibrated preload. The conclusion: guaranteed, unparalleled repeating accuracy and backlash-free movements. 


Dynamics: In our CNC grinding machine NEXT the reliable TTB drive concept with calibrated preload and hydrodynamically lubricated axes has been further improved. Thanks to the doubling of the rapid traverse feed rate aswell as the newly developed swivel axis with direct drive, we‘ve been able to optimize the productivity of the machine.
The U-axis is configured with an indirect drive system, or alternatively as an optional direct-drive motor.


PM system: Included sensors for vibration and temperature provide a very precise overview of the current status of the machine at any time. Our new energy management approach decreases unwelcome heat. This feature allows us to significantly improve the stabilization time for the NEXT machine to reach its desired operating temperature. Proactive upkeep can be easily managed using the data from the WebVisu.


HP transmission: Thanks to the new power transmission approach the spindle is provided more power while generating less vibration at the same time. Therefore tools of up to 14mm in diameter can be manufactured without any issues.

Kinematics of the CNC tool grinding machine NEXT

Setting up the machine

Switching the modular components takes place swiftly and easily.
The standard equipment includes the workpiece probe.
The grinding wheels can be dressed, trued and measured while in the machine.


The grinding machine NEXT can be individualized by a variety of workpiece spindles, clamping systems, grinding spindles and grinding wheel adapters to fulfill the needs of any customer. Contact us for more information on how we can individualize this brand new High-precision tool grinding machine for your company.

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Loading Unit / Automation

Loader with short cycle times and a high capacity


Automatic loading: The automatic loading time has been greatly improved thanks to the newly developed loader. Due to a new double gripper that clamps round shafts from 1 to 16mm without changing gripper fingers further time savings can be accomplished.


Loader + pallets: The regular version of the loader has 2 pallets for ∅1-16 mm. Alternatively it is possible to use 3 or 4 pallets. Up to 814 tools can be hold by the pallets, depending on the shank diameter. Particular solutions like special pallets or loading operations are available. Contact us for further information.

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Steady Rest, Spindle, Machine control

Steady Rest
The fully automatic steady rest is designed for tools having grind lengths in the range of 10x to 15x of the diameter. The radial mounting position of the steady rest can be adjusted in 15 ° increments, thus the steady rest can be used either above or below the tool (see illustrations).

Steady rest above the tool Steady rest from above
Steady rest below the tool Steady rest from below

Assembly and set-up are achieved quickly by a simple procedure and with fewer steps. The support prisms and bushings are clamped by a quick clamping system and can be aligned according to the tool taper.


Shaft Guide

The shaft guide optimizes the concentricity of the tools by guiding the shaft on a v-block with a counter-holder which can be mounted on the left or right and it is equipped with a v-block so that the blank can rotate symmetrically.


Removable tailstock

The detachable tailstock is used in the manufacture and regrinding of hobs, hob cutters and reamers. The high-precision ball cages massively accelerate the alignment of the tailstock. The tailstock can also be used with the automatic loading of such tools. The clamping pressure can be excactly adjusted.


6th Axis (Tilting of the Grinding Wheels)

The W-axis (also labelled 6th axis) can tilt the grinding wheel turret in the range of +/-15° degrees with highest precision. For the manufacturing of hobs, this sets the angle of attack of the grinding wheel to the pitch angle of the cutter. We equipped the with a brake and a high-precision encoder. The grinding of ballnose cutters with 6th axis is also possible.


Turret with 4 or 5 grinding spindles

Both 4 and 5 (option) spindle positions can be used for the Turret. Short or long spindles with steel or ceramic bearings can be utilized, depending on the grinding operation. The whole exchange can take place in under 2 minutes.


High frequency spindle

The high frequency spindle is used for the grinding of pockets of inserts and for grinding with small diameter wheels. The HF spindle is mounted in one of the spindle turret positions. The turret can be equipped with up to 4 HF spindles. TTB can also supply pneumatic HF spindles of 60,000, 100,000 and 150,000 1/min. The conversion from a standard to an HF spindle or vice versa takes place in under 3 minutes!


IC Detect (Internal Coolant Hole Detection)

We are using a high-res camera to locate the indexing position of coolant hole channels in blanks. This camera system is integrated into the loading unit; the necessary measurements happen separately from the tool grinding process. The smallest detectable hole diameter is Ø 0.05 mm (tool diameter max Ø 6 mm).


Industry 4.0

Several variations are available for integrating the NEXT High-precision tool grinding machine into an Industry 4.0 system. And together with you, our Customer, we want to achieve the optimal adjustments for your needs.


System solutions

We’re also offering extra units for cutting, dressing, turning, ejecting etc.. These allow to fabricate additional tools such as cutting knives, indexed tools, turning and grooving tools, punches, flow drills to be produced efficiently and precisely.


NUMROTOplus® programming system

NUMROTOplus® has optimal and efficient programming and support functions and includes powerful 3D simulation and precise collision monitoring. Company-specific technology databases can also be created. This enables optimal adaptation to a wide range of production strategies and the best utilization of customer-specific programming and operating know-how. Software updates are available free of charge for the entire service life of the machines.

Steady rest at the tool grinding machine NEXT

Additional options



TTB supplies peripherals, accessories and special units upon request:

  • Chillers
  • Coolant filter and supply pump units
  • Oil mist filtration systems
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Image processing systems for workpiece positioning
  • Special measuring systems with laser or probe technology
  • Special loading units
  • Assembly units for specific applications
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Application examples

Our NEXT model allows you to ground or resharpen the following tools:

  • Hobs, shaper cutters and power skiving (gearing)
  • End Mill Cutters
  • Drills, step drills
  • Screw tap
  • Turning Tools
  • Cutting blades
  • Turning tools
  • Stamps, punching tools
  • Burrs


The CNC grinding machine TTB NEXT is used in the following industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Medical and dental industry
  • Aerospace
  • Precision mechanics
  • Watch industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Molds
  • Metal industry
  • Chemical and textile industry
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