Cooling channel drilling

IC-Detect: Optical detection of the coolant channel holes

The technology of using coolant channels into micro tools is constantly improving. Today, coolant channels with a bore diameter ∅ 0.07mm are no longer a rarity.

Measuring with a physical probe is no longer possible within these dimensions.

The new IC-Detect system now uses a high-resolution camera to determine the coolant holes exact orientation, shape and position. The process occurs during idle grinding time and within the loader area where a sterile area is better guaranteed. For example, tools found to have coolant channel holes out of tolerance are immediately rejected and thus not unnecessarily ground. The holes can also be detected as arcs and drop shapes.

The system is suitable for the hole diameter range of ∅ 0.05 to 2 mm and up. The maximum outside diameter is ∅ 6 mm.